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Should the FDA Relax Rules on Compassionate Access to New Drugs?

Supporters of softening the rules say the dying deserve easier access to possible cures. Opponents say delays are caused by drugmakers, not the FDA [...]

How Washington Can Help Sick Americans Without Spending a Dime

A 13-year-old Phoenix boy with deadly osteosarcoma is forced to move to London with his family to get access to a life-saving medicine [...]

Dying Patients Should Have Right to Try New Treatment

Imagine the joy of watching your dying son experience a miraculous recovery from an incurable disease thanks to an experimental medicine. Then imagine [...]

Beware of Anti-Speech Ballot Measures (with Tracie Sharp)

When voters in Missouri, South Dakota, Washington and Oregon go to the polls in November, they will vote on ballot measures that are cleverly [...]

Winning the Right to Save Your Own Life

How far would you go to get a drug that could save your child’s life? Across an ocean? That is exactly what the federal government is forcing some [...]

Right to Try Experimental Drugs (with Richard Garr)

This year, more than 5,000 Americans will lose their battle with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. What begins as a muscle twitch will [...]

Preschool Not for Every Child: Opposing View

A woman in my moms group anxiously posed this question: "My son just turned 4. I don't want to send him to school yet, but everyone says preschool is [...]

Earlier School Enrollment Does not Confer Long-Term Academic Benefits

In his State of the Union address Tuesday, President Obama announced an initiative to make preschool universal, citing studies that purport to show academic [...]

Arizona’s Landmark
Bailout Battle

By any reading of the man, George W.P. Hunt -- Arizona's first governor -- was a progressive Democrat. He favored creating an income tax, extending [...]

Darcy Olsen Right to Try

About the Book

Should you need the government’s permission to save your life? Every day thousands of Americans die from fatal diseases for which lifesaving treatments exist but are ruled by the FDA as too “dangerous” for distribution. But how does that standard apply to someone in the terminal stages of cancer or Lou Gehrig’s disease? Praised by New York Times bestselling author Ben Shapiro as “vital and fascinating,” Shapiro says, “Olsen argues persuasively that the federal government kills Americans with its useless bureaucracy and counterproductive belief that the government must protect sick Americans from making their own decisions regarding their sickness.”

Right to Try is filled with stories of heroism and heartbreak—of courageous Americans who beat illnesses no one thought could be defeated and patients who were denied life-saving treatments by the government ostensibly for their own protection. Olsen goes inside the bureaucracy that is stopping millions from accessing lifesaving treatments and describes the ongoing national campaign to change these laws state-by-state. This powerful and informative book is clarion call for reform that definitively answers the question: When your mortality hangs in the balance, should you have the right to try to save your life?